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My Dearest Mad-readers,

I hope you’re having a great weekend ! It’s 7:30 here (French time), and I can tell you the sun is up in the south of France, ready to enlighten this day ! I have just finished translating my poem Paix and I thought I’d publish it so that my English audience (which is a majority here I believe), can enjoy it. So here it is, and may your Sunday be as sunny as mine.

Do you feel it ?
That peaceful plenitude
of an appeased soul
which has embraced
a calm for so long
hunted down.

Do you feel it ?
If your eyelids
finally close,
delightfully giving in
to this power so

Feel it then!
Open up entirely...
Let the flow of your thoughts
entirely run.
Ignore that cursed

Yes, finally feel
that feeling calling you,
that exhilarating hope,
that exotic whisper,
that sweet comforting word :

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