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My Dearest Mad-readers,

I am back with a new translation of one of my French poems. For those of you who can read French, you may notice a few differences, as I chose to remove a few lines from this English version. I made it more concise, as some words felt out of place. Translating involves hard choices such as these, and I have no regrets. This poem sounds much better as it is now and, since it’s my work, I guess I can adapt it rather than purely translate it. I’m more into that anyway. Something which renders well in one language may well sound awful in another, so I’d rather adapt my poems instead of just literally translate them.


Ever spots me

Unknown or
Nobody sees me

Who would
Yes who would
Pay any attention
To one of my kind

I am
But don’t really exist
Removed my identity

I am nothing
But a wandering
Endless, aimless

Eternity has condemned me
But humanity
Has forsaken me

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Take care,


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