Piece Of News

My Dearest Mad-Readers,

We are in for a short post today. Writing my Gentoo Installation Guide has been really time-consuming and, for those of you who are eagerly waiting for its release, let me proudly tell you that it is finished. I still need to proofread it and shoot the YouTube videos for those of you who will prefer following this adventure of mine on YouTube, but it is almost ready to be published. I hope I will be ready by next Monday, but I can at least guarantee it will be out next week.

There also are two TV series I intend to dedicate a post to :

  • How I Met Your Mother : I drafted up an article today but I am not satisfied with the result yet. Since it is my absolute favorite show, I cannot just settle for okay, it needs to be legendary.
  • A Game Of Thrones, which is definitely my top 2. Or my second top 1, I will let you choose how you prefer defining it. I have already drafted a quick introduction, but I cannot exactly tell when I will publish it. It will be a surprise, as it always is with me!

To all of you fellow content creators :

if you are struggling, it is okay! It has to rain from time to time for us to appreciate the sunlight.

Take care,


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