Learn Linux Basics

Not long ago, I shot a video about the 5 most basic Linux commands a beginner should know. I began my learning journey with this lot, and I found it most satisfying. Of course, I spent little time in the terminal back then, compared to today, but I still felt like a magician. Have you ever performed an update from terminal ? It could not be easier, yet seeing the lines of text crazily going down in that black box is something I have never gotten tired of. Continue reading Learn Linux Basics

MOC : A Music Player For Terminal

As a minimalist, I like utilizing the most lightweight tools and programs. I want to have a simple lifestyle, and being able to play music directly from terminal echoes this volition. When it comes to choosing which piece of software is right for me, I will rather believe in performance than in a falsely appealing design which will consume all my RAM in the background. Continue reading MOC : A Music Player For Terminal

Blancheur infernale chronique

Mes Chers Mad-Lecteurs, Voici pour vous un texte que j’ai remis au goût du jour, et auquel j’ai ajouté une image. J’espère que mon petit poème vous plaira ! 🙂 Je suis là Ordinateur allumé Sans aucune idée Rien à expliquer Ou bien à critiquer Alors j’écris simplement Sans grand-chose à dire Je reste simple Face à cette feuille vierge Qui ne désire que moi … Continue reading Blancheur infernale chronique

Bilingualism & Why You Should Learn A Foreign Language

You may not need to be convinced to learn a foreign language, since most of you probably are familiar with the benefits of bilingualism. I figured, nonetheless, that I would remind some of these benefits to you today and try to get you to make the effort of spending at least 10 to 15 minutes a day learning a second language, whichever one it might be. Continue reading Bilingualism & Why You Should Learn A Foreign Language

Apologie de GNU/Linux

J’aimerais aujourd’hui vous parler de quelque chose qui a changé ma vie. En effet, je ne serais certainement pas là où je me trouve à cette heure-ci sans GNU/Linux, ce système d’exploitation si extraordinaire à mes yeux. Je ne serais certainement pas dans ma chambre, confortablement installé sur mon lit, en train de rédiger cet article. Je n’espère pas vous convaincre de changer, d’abandonner Windows ou MacOS pour cette merveilleuse mineure d’or. Je ne souhaite que vous faire découvrir l’étendu des possibilités qui pourraient s’ouvrir devant vous, si tel devait être votre choix. Continue reading Apologie de GNU/Linux

100 Followers : Our First Milestone!

It has been a long (though rather short compared to some) and difficult road paved with dreams and failures, with delight when my stats boomed up one day but also the desire to quit as soon as they raced down a few days or weeks later. I expect it will keep being challenging, yet I find this challenge most exciting. As our community has reached its first milestone, I would like to show you my gratitude by answering some questions you may have had. Continue reading 100 Followers : Our First Milestone!