Presentation Of My Dotfiles

I would like to share my personal configuration files with you (aka dotfiles). If you are not running GNU/Linux, it may give you an idea of what dotfiles are, but even if you are, beginners and some more advanced users may appreciate to find some model to inspire them. Of course, all my programs are not fully configured but some are riced to my liking and I am eager to present them to you ! Continue reading Presentation Of My Dotfiles

Which Gnu/Linux Distribution You Use Does Not Matter

I would like to use some ink on a topic which has already been explored at length, today : which Linux distribution should you run as your main desktop OS and why it does not matter. I know there is a lot of hate all over social networks from Ubuntu users (and other Debian-based distros) toward Arch users and vice versa, since everyone is convinced their ways are better than the others’. Continue reading Which Gnu/Linux Distribution You Use Does Not Matter

My First Solo Trip & My Experience As A CELTA Trainee

Let me proudly present my first ever blog post about traveling, which is logically linked to my first ever solo trip. I remember how nervous I was. I didn’t want to forget anything before leaving, so I made a list, and I was afraid I would miss the bus or that I wouldn’t find my way at the airport, or in Oxford, if I even managed to get all the way there. In the end, everything went fine. I have come back home in one piece, ready to tell you my experience as a CELTA trainee ! Continue reading My First Solo Trip & My Experience As A CELTA Trainee

Le galop du cheval

Mes très chers lecteurs, Voici votre dose de prose, un court poème remis au goût du jour spécialement pour vous. J’espère que vous l’apprécierez. Le cheval galopait à travers la plaine. L’herbe et la prairie s’étendaient devant lui à perte de vue. Le vent soufflait sur lui mais il continuait d’avancer. Il sentait sur son dos la chaleur du soleil. Il ressentait l’exaltation d’un galop … Continue reading Le galop du cheval

My Personal Top 5 Favorite Musicals

My Dearest Mad-Readers, Let me share with you my favorite musicals. For each one of them, I will reveal my favorite song and add a link to a YouTube video (which do not belong to me). Beware, spoilers ahead… High School Musical* The first musical I have ever watched, and as such it is rightfully at the top of my list. The clip below is … Continue reading My Personal Top 5 Favorite Musicals

Google Alternatives

My Dearest Mad-readers, Google has become omnipresent in our society, like several other Tech Giants, such as Amazon, Facebook and Apple. They are so powerful but also so viciously helpful that most people would not even consider getting rid of them. They would not even imagine how dangerous it can be to let them rule the market as they please. As I tend to encourage … Continue reading Google Alternatives