Optimizing Your Computer’s Performance

This is no joke. Nowadays, normies spend most of their time on one single program : their web browser. What if one could strive to change this digital behavior, however? What if today was the day I managed to convince you to uninstall your display manager? If you are not running GNU/Linux or a Unix-like operating-system yet, I once heard that it is never too late… Continue reading Optimizing Your Computer’s Performance

Take Advantage Of Technology To Learn Foreign Languages

My Dearest Mad-Readers, I hope you all are doing well, in these dark times, but especially that you are capable of seeing the silver lining of the tiresome cloud which already has been obscuring our vision for far too long. Yes, a lot of us are stuck at home. However, this does not mean that one should remain idle and wait for the rain to … Continue reading Take Advantage Of Technology To Learn Foreign Languages

List Of Japanese Anime I Love

I would like to speak about my favorite Japanese anime. Since there are quite a few of them, I cannot publish only one single blog post and will certainly have to write a sequel. You will notice they globally belong to similar genres : fantasy, fantastic, science-fiction, and K-On will probably stand out as the only rather realistic exception. Continue reading List Of Japanese Anime I Love

When You Say “How Are You?”, Do You Actually Mean It ?

Have you ever wondered if your friends were sincere when they asked you how you were feeling in the morning, if your colleagues were actually interested in why you looked more tired than usual ? If you have, I believe you would be right. Indeed, this is a question we ask and are asked once or several times a day. It certainly is the most common way of initiating a conversation, even before speaking about the weather… Continue reading When You Say “How Are You?”, Do You Actually Mean It ?

How To Learn A Foreign Language

It is well known that mastering a foreign language is key to thoroughly understanding its culture and, if you intend to stay abroad for a long time, you definitely want to consider learning the local language. If you still need to be convinced that learning a foreign language is in your best interest, I recommend you read up this article. If you have not decided which language is right for you, then this article may help you out. Continue reading How To Learn A Foreign Language