A Phil Wayne’s Rice of Dwm

Before I begin, I would like to thank all my YouTube subscribers. We recently hit 100 and I feel flattered to already have so many people listening to my rambling. I would also like to thank every one of you reading this blog, since we are about to hit 200. None of this would be possible without you, so THANK YOU! After several months of living in this window manager, I finally feel ready to present my dwm’s final configuration. If you are looking for something rather minimalist, with only a few applied patches, but yet that still has a pretty thrilling design, you should not be disappointed. Continue reading A Phil Wayne’s Rice of Dwm

My Battle Against Bloat Is Over

I have been absent for quite a while. This is not because I was out of ideas, certainly not, but because I was not able to find the motivation within me to create content and publish it. The current sanitary situation, as for most of you I would suppose, has seriously been getting on my nerves. I have had to force myself to get back to writing this. Do not misunderstand, I still love blogging and making videos. We are only living the beginning of this adventure all together. My return should be proof enough! Anyway, let us dig into the subject of this video. A lot has happened in almost 2 months and I cannot speak forever, so I will summarize. Continue reading My Battle Against Bloat Is Over

10 Reasons Why You Should Install Linux

I was recently asked a question which all of us should always be capable of answering, as Linux users and opensource advocates: Why should you even bother installing Linux in the first place? What does Linux have which Mac OS and Windows 10 do not offer? Let us find an answer together. If you come from a Windows environment like I did, there is certainly one thing which upsets you. Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Should Install Linux

Browsing The Web In 2020: Is It Madness ?

Before presenting the web browsers which I consider are currently the best, I would like to express a concern of mine. I am worried about my privacy and my freedom. I am worried about the state of the internet, which is in a state of absolute ‘bloatness’. I am worried about the centralization of the world wide web, which is more and more limited to a few online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and other. Continue reading Browsing The Web In 2020: Is It Madness ?

Cyber Threats: Beware Of The World Wild Web

My Dearest Mad-readers, Modern society probably never has been as perilous as in the past decade. The emergence of what experts enjoy calling cyber security demonstrates the fateful ill-being of the internet. Our world may never have seen such an enlightened era yet, ethically speaking, the tools humans play with have the capacity to bring as much good as bad. Disclaimer I may not be … Continue reading Cyber Threats: Beware Of The World Wild Web

Testing Out Artix: Another Flavor Or Arch Linux

Artix is essentially Arch Linux, except without systemd. It sounds a lot like what I am looking for, since it will allow me to run openrc. However, it is not a parent distribution. I would really like to read your opinion in the comments. I have been saying for quite a while that I do not see the point in installing the fork of another distribution, yet this time Artix really is bringing something interesting to the table. Continue reading Testing Out Artix: Another Flavor Or Arch Linux

Distro-Hopping Again: Confronting Distributions & Their Philosophies

For about one week or a little bit more, I have been thinking about distro-hopping again. I have enjoyed myself on Gentoo, I really have. I discovered USE FLAGS, C FLAGS, an almost flawless documentation, compiling every program from source, overlays (which are the equivalent of the Arch AUR, if you aren’t familiar with them), and countless other features which are specific to Gentoo. Continue reading Distro-Hopping Again: Confronting Distributions & Their Philosophies

Yet Another Gentoo Installation Guide

As I was recently suggested by one of my YouTube subscriber, I would like to explain how to install Gentoo. I will do every step I describe in a Virtual Machine, so that it is more clear for you. To get some more information regarding my Gentoo adventures, check out my other blog posts about Gentoo. You can also follow along with the Gentoo official documentation. For this guide, I will assume that all of you intend to work with a stage 3 tarball. If you wish to install Gentoo from a stage 1 or 2, this guide is not meant for you, since I consider you are in no need of my help at the level you have reached. Continue reading Yet Another Gentoo Installation Guide

Optimizing Your Computer’s Performance

This is no joke. Nowadays, normies spend most of their time on one single program : their web browser. What if one could strive to change this digital behavior, however? What if today was the day I managed to convince you to uninstall your display manager? If you are not running GNU/Linux or a Unix-like operating-system yet, I once heard that it is never too late… Continue reading Optimizing Your Computer’s Performance