Presentation Of My Dotfiles

I would like to share my personal configuration files with you (aka dotfiles). If you are not running GNU/Linux, it may give you an idea of what dotfiles are, but even if you are, beginners and some more advanced users may appreciate to find some model to inspire them. Of course, all my programs are not fully configured but some are riced to my liking and I am eager to present them to you ! Continue reading Presentation Of My Dotfiles

Which Text Editor Should You Use As A Programmer?

When I began my journey as a programmer, there was one question which always kept coming back. Which kept bothering me. I absolutely needed to pick a text editor. One that would be easy enough for me to be able to focus on coding, but also one which would be popular enough. It would have been a shame for me to invest time into an editor if it became obsolete a year later. So, here is our question : which text editor should you use ? Continue reading Which Text Editor Should You Use As A Programmer?