How To Learn A Foreign Language

It is well known that mastering a foreign language is key to thoroughly understanding its culture and, if you intend to stay abroad for a long time, you definitely want to consider learning the local language. If you still need to be convinced that learning a foreign language is in your best interest, I recommend you read up this article. If you have not decided which language is right for you, then this article may help you out. Continue reading How To Learn A Foreign Language

My Experience As An Au-Pair In Italy

I have been in Italy for an entire month. This is the third long trip I take, the first one being my CELTA and the second also was in England (near Oxford, as it happens). I believe it is now time to share with you my travel experience but also that I describe to you my language journey in a little bit more details. Let us not forget that I am a linguist indeed… Continue reading My Experience As An Au-Pair In Italy

YouTube Goals, Dwm + St & Other

This post is a little special, since I am writing it to describe my situation and my current state of mind. I would also like to share my latest video with you, which I am quite happy with. It is not yet perfect, I am well aware of it, but I have made significant progress which I am really proud of. For those of you who usually do not read my tech-related articles, do scroll down because everything here will not be about tech. I will tell you bits and pieces of my trip to Italy too! Continue reading YouTube Goals, Dwm + St & Other

Google Alternatives

My Dearest Mad-readers, Google has become omnipresent in our society, like several other Tech Giants, such as Amazon, Facebook and Apple. They are so powerful but also so viciously helpful that most people would not even consider getting rid of them. They would not even imagine how dangerous it can be to let them rule the market as they please. As I tend to encourage … Continue reading Google Alternatives